SDK release 1.1.19

At the very end of 2012 we’re releasing new version of the SDK. Despite this release doesn’t have major version change, it contains few important updates. Here is outline of most important from them.

Whole new main screen launcher on Ubuntu. Now when you start iviLink on Head Unit side, first thing that you see is our new main menu. Functions of car’s IVIs are always combined under common menu interface in contrast to Mobile Device where each function is isolated into dedicated application. We’re following this approach in our iviLink demos.

Updated Media applications. It’s still our most interesting sample application which allows syncing media files between Mobile Device and Head Unit via iviLink. In players interfaces from both sides you can see aggregated list of song...

iviLink versus MirrorLink

No, no, we didn't forget you. Just a little bit busy with autumn events. This is really hot autumn for iviLink, we've come to the market and become popular... more than expected.
But. We faced very strange thing. A lot of people think iviLink is a kind of 'MirrorLink from Luxoft'. No! Luxoft does MirrorLink. We do it for our own, we do it with our partners, we do it for our customers, but this activity has not relation to iviLink. iviLink is not MirrorLink. Even nothing similar.
MirrorLink is a system level solution. If your mobile supports ML, you don't need anything else: just connect and use. Very easy, very convenient... not too flexible and scalable. iviLink is different. It is an SDK for app to app connectivity. I.e. you have to add app on the mobile side and app on the head unit s...

SDK release 1.1.2

SDK version 1.1.2 has been released. It’s very important milestone for our technology! For the first time we’re publishing not only Ubuntu version designed for Head Units but also Android version for mobile devices. It means you can now use iviLink in real environment. With our previous releases it was only possible to work with technology in Ubuntu. But now you can finally install iviLink for both Head Unit and Android mobile device, connect and test them together. This will give you exact experience as you get in the car.
Previous releases contained Seat control application and Climate control application for Ubuntu. Now we have ported their profiles and developed similar Seat and Climate apps for Android. Of course these apps are only examples. But based on them you may develop y...

Employee of the week: Our Unreplaceable Teddy Bear

This week we want introducing our Unreplaceable and Unforgettable leader, Mike Prosuntsov. Mike is on vacations, but it is a reason why we assign him as an Employee of the week. While he is in Italy, we clearly see how much we all need him. Since he temporary left us, our builds stopped building, applications stopped running and burn down charts start raising up with truly terrible speed. Mike is driving iviLink development for 6+ month and his management helps us to be in schedule... in rare moments when we are in schedule. And be close to schedule in all other cases. Mike gathers a lot of information and his notebook keeps data about every iviLink-related thing in the Universe. Sometimes he even remembers our names, at least names of the key team members.
Mike, we wait you! World ne...

Employee of the week

Let's start introducting iviLink team. Andrey Markosov is celebrating his birthday, but we choose him as an employee of the week not because of this. While the most of iviLink veterans are on summer vacations, Andrey does a number of things: manage protocol stack, control core functions, develop Android features and many more. One of the youngest developers in the team he acts as one of the most senior and experienced. And we all appreciate his participation in our great initiative.

iviLink SDK 1.0

We released iviLink SDK 1.0. Yes, we finally did it. What does it mean and what it does not?
Yes, now we consider we can open and publish our efforts for more than a year. You get the iviLink mainstream code for all stack modules and APIs on all levels.
Yes, it is hundred percents free and published under LGPL license which has almost no usage restrictions.
Yes, we support it and appreciate your participation, contribution and feedback.
Yes, you can simply build it in Ubuntu and a bit more complex in other Linux distributions.
Yes, we made APIs developer friendly.
Yes, it is for head unit deployments.
Yes, it is Core stack and sample apps only.
No, it doesn’t contain Android or iOS versions… yet.
No, it is Core, only few sample profiles and applications are there.
No, the d...