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SDLP or SmartDeviceLink Profiles is connectivity technology which allows In-Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI) and mobile devices to seamlessly interact with each other. SDLP implements an approach when functionality is splint between phone/tablet and Infotainment device. Traditional car features like radio, climate control, diagnostics and others are always available in IVI even when the phone is not connected. All additional capabilities become available when the mobile device is connected via SDLP. Thus applications on mobile devices offer almost unlimited possibility in extending a car’s infotainment system. And most importantly these additional features can be updated over time. By updating the app on the phone you’re also updating the capabilities of your IVI.
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iviLink and SDLP

SDLP is an evolution of iviLink technology. iviLink was started by Luxoft with the goal of becoming an open source standard for smart device connectivity. The core part of iviLink is Profiles concept. It offers a convenient way for mobile application developers to define the API which the app will use to interact with IVI. Each app can have a set of methods which best fits its needs and not limited by “standard API.” Profiles make iviLink integration to IVI system easier by building a bridge between system specific HMI and iviLink core. Profiles concept has been migrated to SDLP.
SDLP / Ivilink Timeline


On IVI Side:
  • OS Independent
  • Easy integration with any IVI Architecture
  • Reduced development efforts
  • Possibility to update features of the IVI System over time by updating apps on mobile device
  • Extend lifetime of the system
  • Compatibility with Ford’s AppLink™ applications (SDLP is based on SDL which is in turn has compatibility with AppLink)
  • Support of iviLink applications (Luxoft’s reference applications originally developed for iviLink technology)
SDLP advantages for mobile app developer
  • Easy to integrate interaction with IVI system to any mobile app
  • Few changes required to add SDLP support
  • Easy to develop OEM specific mobile applications


SDLP is Genivi compliant technology. Gemeni release of the Genivi compliance statement includes SDLP as a Placeholder component. At the moment the efforts are ongoing to promote SDLP to the next level in Genivi hierarchy - Placeholder component.
Luxoft is actively contributing to Genivi since 2009. Originally, work had been started to integrate iviLink in the Genivi compliance statement. During the All Members Meeting in April 2013 a joint announcement was made by Ford and Luxoft about ivLink migration to SDL in favour of developing an industry-wide standard. SDLP is the result of this joint cooperation.


Luxoft started AllView project to demonstrate how users can benefit from smartphone integration with the IVI system. AllView embodies the company’s view on the modern car infotainment system and instrument cluster. The demo stand for AllView was developed to highlight Luxoft benchmark experience in automotive design. More information is available at the dedicated AllView section

Cross-device compatibility

iviLink is compatible with various operating systems:
Android, iOS, and Linux
… and operates over numerous serial links:
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, DLNA

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