iviLink is...

the connectivity platform that enables seamless two-way integration between in-vehicle infotainment systems like head units, car radios and rear seat entertainment equipment with Android and Apple iOS-based devices
At the very end of 2012 we’re releasing new version of the SDK. Despite this rel...
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Two-way app integration

Drivers and passengers can easily use their favorite apps from Android or Apple iOS-based mobile devices via head unit or rear-seat screens for the ultimate in-vehicle infotainment experience.

In-car remote control

Manage the vehicle’s climate controls and in-car media with a mobile device.

Touch-screen user experience

For cars with screenless head units, iviLink adds a touch-screen experience with a connected smartphone or tablet PC serving as a head unit.

Screen sharing

Front and rear seat passengers can share what they are seeing on the mobile device or the in-vehicle device without having to change positions while driving or riding.

Cross-device compatibility

iviLink is compatible with various operating systems:
Android, iOS, and Linux
… and operates over numerous serial links:
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, DLNA

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