AllView demonstrator

Luxoft is providing a set of reference iviLink applications based on SDLP technology. These applications are combined into AllView demonstrator. With AllView Luxoft present it’s experience not only in the connectivity are but also in HMI design and development and HMI tooling (AllView graphics has been developed by Teora graphical design tool). AllView’s main goal is to present how advanced automotive features can be integrated with car’s infotainment system with the help of a mobile device. All applications are based on market demands. They were originally developed for iviLink technology. Now all of them have been migrated to SDLP.

iviLink Applications Consist of Following Features:
  • Car settings (Climate/Seat control)
  • Media player
  • Navigation
  • Diagnostics
  • Interactive user manual
  • Navi – Workload management
  • Others…


Driver workload management – changes the amount of information which is available to the driver depending on the current road situation. Unlike other driver distraction algorithms – SDLP workload management utilizes the support of the passenger, as a co-pilot, who’s very often together with the driver in the car. Depending on the driver workload level, some information is moved from the head unit to the mobile device which is in hands of the passenger.
When planning a long trip you need a way to be safe and secure.


Diagnostics - car diagnostic information can be displayed through the smartphone application so that the driver knows the car’s status even when being away from the car.
Before starting a long trip you can check the status of your car in the application on your mobile device. Modern Head Units usually don’t provide enough advance warnings. The HU screen space is too precious and can’t be wasted on detailed technical statistics. But an application on your mobile device is the perfect place for such information.

Climate control

Climate control/Seat settings. Allows control of some of the car settings from the smartphone as from a remote control. Passengers in the back seat can change settings of the climate system from their mobile phone without needing to disturb the driver. Or if a tablet is being used as a RSE it can be connected to climate system by means of this application.

Interactive User Manual

Interactive User Manual - explains to the driver how to operate his or her head unit. But in addition, every button in the user manual is operable and connected with the head unit through SDLP. When a setting is changed in the application, the identical action will be applied on the head unit side.
When you first buy a car you don’t like to spend a lot of time going through the big manual. You would like an intuitive app to demonstrate your new car to you. Like pressing the buttons on your mobile device. We have an app for you.

Media player

Media player - applications on a smartphone or another mobile device, and a head unit will synchronize music and video files into one common playlist. Files can be played both from a head unit (using car speakers) or a mobile device (using headphones connected to phone/tablet).

Instrument cluster

Instrument cluster application shows seamless integration of all 3 screens which are normally in the car: instrument cluster itself, user mobile device and the Head Unit. Features of the instrument cluster includes Navigation information management depending on driver’s workload, diagnostics information presentation, dynamic management of incoming phone calls and other.

SDL applications

SDLP has backward compatibility with applications that have been designed for Ford’s SDL and AppLink. All future applications that will be developed for SDL are also supported.

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